Barclays American Airlines Aviator 10% Rebate is Grandfathered for Some

Earlier in the year we heard that both the Citi and Barclays American Airlines card were going through a few changes. One of the most devastating changes for most people was the loss of a 10% rebate on reward flights. However, there may be some temporary good news for some card holders.

The News

The 10% point rebate was set to end on May 1st. However, some people who have the card are still receiving the rebate, and they are showing up as “Barclays Grandfathered Redemption Bonus”. In addition there are some reports of people saying they were notified that this rebate would stay active for a little while longer, possibly around November of this year. 

Final Thoughts

Grandfathered or not, I’m sad for my American Airlines cardholders. This was one of the main reasons to keep the card. The good news of course is that the current cardholders will have some extra time to get this rebate.  

Have you been notified by Barclays to a different end date for the rebate? Let us know below!

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