Barclays Aviator Card Will Start Offering Companion Certificate

There have recently been a few changes done to the AA cards including the removal of point redemption rebates, but also a change to the sign up bonus offered on the card. The change went from offering 60,000 points to a 50,000 point with a companion certificate sign up bonus. With the companion certificate, we thought we would give out more details about the certificate itself. 

The Companion Certificate Terms

Unfortunately it’s no Southwest Companion Pass, however, the Companion Certificate does fall into line with the other certificates offered by other airlines. The AA companion certificate will offer a round trip fare for $99 + taxes and fees. The certificate is valid for 1 year, and will typically be issues sometime 8-10 weeks after earning it. As far as redeeming the certificate, the airfare must be purchased using the AA card that the certificate is good for, and must be at least 14 days out from the flights departure date. Finally, the certificate has to be booked using AA’s meeting services. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, a companion certificate is a nice thing to have. The terms are pretty comparable to the certificates offered on many other airlines, so there is no complaint there. Depending on if you can take advantage of the companion fare or not is really dependent on you. If you have a companion to travel with, then these certificates can be a great thing to have. If you don’t, it may be worth looking around for sign up bonuses that give you additional points instead of the certificate. 

What do you think about AA’s companion pass Let us know below!

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