Barclays Business Aviator 75,000 Point Offer

Have you ever considering getting your business an American Airlines card? With this limited all time high sign up bonus, now may be a good time to take a second look at this card!

The Offer

This specific offer on the Business Aviator is a tiered one. The first 65,000 points are earned by spending $1,000 within the first 3 months. The remaining 10,000 points are earned when there is a purchase made on an employee card. 

Recap of the Barclays Business Aviator

The Business Aviator card comes with a $95 annual fee, for that annual fee, you are getting:

  • 2x Points on American Airline purchases, office supply merchants, telecommunications, and car rentals
  • 1x Everywhere else

As far as the American Airline benefits, you are going to be getting a free checked bag, plus you will get priority boarding (Group 5). For every inflight purchase you make on the card, you will get 25% of the purchase price as a statement credit. For all of the miles that you earn on the card every year, you will an extra 5%; for instance, if you earn 10,000 miles, you will earn an additional 500. 

Finally, there is a reward for spending a lot of money on the card every year. This comes in the form of a AA companion certificate. The AA companion certificate entitles you to a $99 (+ taxes/fees) companion ticket for any round trip economy fare when the AA cardholder accompanies them.

Final Thoughts

The previous all time high offer on this card is 60,000 points, so this bonus is a much higher offer. $1,000 shouldn’t be too hard to hit for most people/business. The remaining amount of course coming from the additional employee card is an interesting way to get an additional 10,000 points. 

Not too long ago we reported that Barclay’s was asking for business documents in order to get approved for their business cards, but it looks like that may not be the case anymore. Still, keep in mind that getting approved for Barclays may be a little tricky, keep in mind all of the application rules!

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