Barclays Improves Its App By Adding Features

With the launch of its Luxury App for its Luxury cards, it seems that Barclays has been focused on its IT development. That has continued to its regular application as we are seeing some added features.

The Features

While most of these changes have been available for a long time on many other issuer’s apps, it’s nice to see that these features are getting extended out to the Barclays app. 

  • Spend Alerts: Depending on how you set it, you will get notifications every time the card is used to purchase goods. For inactive cards this is perfect as you can know exactly when someone has used your credit card.
  • SecurHold: If you think you lost, or got your credit card stolen, you will now have the ability to temporarily lock your credit card. This ensures that the card cannot be used until you go back in and unlock it, or order a new credit card. 
  • Spending Limits: If you don’t trust yourself to spend too much money at one time, you can set up spending limits to decline a transaction if it goes over a certain amount. Again, this is great if someone stole your card and tries to buy round trip tickets to an exotic location or the newest 8k TV. 
  • Control Merchant Categories: This will customize spending across different types of merchants

Final Thoughts

I think most of these features are available on most other cards out there. However, that’s not to say these features are not appreciated! The ability to lock your card temporarily can be a crucial if someone steals your wallet, or you happen to misplace your card but know you’ll be able to find it later. Personally I use spending alerts on all of my inactive cards too. That way, if I get a notification that my sock draw’d card has been used to buy something at Best Buy, I know to call the credit card company to deactivate that cad. 

What are your thoughts on this? How will you be setting these up on your Barclays cards? Let us know below!

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