Barclays Overhauling Benefits on Its Credit Cards

The first big player to remove some of these benefits was Citi. They took so much heat for doing so, yet, it looks like others will soon follow with the same sort of policy changes. Can it be, that if Citi can remove these benefits, others can too? Or is it a matter of the insurance companies raising rates for everybody? 

Benefit Changes

As far as Barclay’s cards are concerned, the changes will go live starting November 1st. Luckily, any purchases made before this date can still file claims under the old rules until said date.

Benefit Impact
Extended Warranty Being Removed from all cards
Price Protection Being removed from all cards
Return Protection Being removed from all cards
Purchase Protection Being removed from all cards
Trip Delay  Being removed from all cards
Cell Phone Insurance Mastercard Cell Phone insurance, up to $800 coverage added to Arrival+, Arrival, Rewards, AA, JetBlue+, Uber Visa 
Auto Rental Collision Insurance Will appear on Arrival+, Arrival, Rewards, AA, JetBlue+, Uber Visa  
Identity Theft Benefit Online monitoring dashboard added to most cards
Roadside Dispatch New benefit being added to most cards

Final Thoughts

It’s really quite a shame to see these different insurances being removed on most credit card issuers. I really have to wonder what the motive behind the changes to not just Barclays, but also to Citi as well. 

As far as Barclays is concerned, the consumer benefits seem to be all but disappearing. While you can maybe make the case that not too many people used them, or these protections don’t matter too much on a non-premium card, it’s still a shame to see things like this go. Having the option is much better than not having the option. 

On the bright side, it looks like more and more companies are offering some sort of cell phone insurance, so it’s nice to see that many cards in the Barclay’s portfolio will offer this soon. 

Are you impacted by these changes? Let us know how in the comments section down below!

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