Barclays Overhauls Credit Card Benefits (Go Over Benefits)

Unfortunately it seems like the latest trend in credit card news is removing and/or modifying the list of benefits that a credit card may offer. While it certainly didn’t start with them, the latest large bank to do this was Citi. They removed most of the benefits they offered, even on their premier travel credit card! Now, it’s Barclays turn to make the next move. 

The Benefit Changes

It looks like just about every change that Barclays has offered is being changed in some way! Here is the current list of changes:

  • Extended warranty: removed from all cards, previously MasterCard extended warranty which extended warranty for a year
  • Price protection: removed from all cards, previously on Arrival+ and Uber
  • Return Protection: removed from all cards, previously standard MasterCard return protection.
  • Purchase Protection: being removed from all cards. Previously standard MasterCard which covered items from up to 3 months from damage or theft
  • Trip Delay: removed from all cards
  • Cell Phone Insurance: being added to Arrival+, Arrival, Rewards, American Airlines, JetBlue and Uber cards. $600 per claim, $1000 max per year
  • Auto Rental Collision Insurance: being added to Arrival+, Rewards, American Airlines, JetBlue+ and Uber Cards
  • Identity Theft: Barclays adding benefit that gives online monitoring dashboard. Additionally, you can call 844-252-7831 t prevent further damage from being done if you are a victim of identity theft
  • Roadside dispatch: Being added where you can call 800-847-2869 and Barclays will help you get assistance. Please note though that the service isn’t free. Just for calling in you’ll be on the hook for $70, plus any service that’s required.

Final Thoughts

In summation, the benefits that are being removed are any sort of protections from buying things. On the plus side, we are getting a few benefits though, including cell phone insurance, auto rental collision insurance, roadside dispatch, and even identity theft protection. I would venture to say that the benefits being removed are much more useful then the benefits that are being added. Unfortunately, Barclays isn’t the first company to recently change up their insurance benefits and frankly I don’t think they will be the last either.

How do you feel about Barclays removing benefits on their cards like this? Which benefit will you miss the most? Do the ones they’ve added make up for the losses? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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