Barclays Sends out Targeted Business Card Spending Offers

We’ve gotten some reports of some people being targeted for spending bonuses on Barclays business cards. Keep in mind, these are not public offers, but instead targeted offers. Check those email inboxes to see if you have been targeted!

The Offers


The offer on the Aviator card is broken up into spending for a few continuous months. If you spend $2,000 or mor in each month of May, June, and July, you can receive 1,000 bonus points per month. In addition, if you are able to do that for the entire three month span, you will get an additional 2,000 points.

This would put the total points earned at 5,000 points for $6,000.


The JetBlue card actually has the same exact offer as the Aviator card. If you spend $2,000 or more per month for May, June, and July, you will receive 1,000 bonus points. If you are able to complete that spending for all 3 months, you will receive an additional 2,000 points.

This would put the total points earned at 5,000 points for spending $6,000.

Final Thoughts

Both of these offers on the Aviator and JetBlue card are for the exact same spending requirement of spending $6,000 and receiving 5,000 points. While this may not be worth it for some, it could be worth doing if you have a high enough spend, and are not working on any other sort of sign up bonus. You would basically be earning 1 cent per point in either program. You’ll have to do the math for yourself and see if it’s worth it in your situation. 

What do you think of these spending offers? Let us know below!

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