Best Ways to Use Southwest Travel Bank Conversions to Get More than 1:1 Rates

It’s no secret that airline travel has been way down this year. Even I’ve had to cancel two different flights that I had planned to take. Luckily, I was able to get some sort of travel voucher for that, so at least my money isn’t gone forever. But what if you wanted to do something else with that travel voucher? With Southwest, you may be able to make a pretty interesting move. 

The News

Up until December 15th, Southwest is allowing its users to convert travel funds into Southwest points at a rate of 1.28 cents per point. This policy opens up a way to get some pretty nice point transfers.

The way this worth, is you’ll have to book travel with Southwest, and depending on the card you use, you’ll get points at the value you normally would on the card you use. For instance, Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders would get their 1.5 cents per point.

The next step is to cancel the flight, and convert your travel funds into Southwest points. In our Chase example, this conversion would come out to 1:1.17.

Final Thoughts

While this method is an interesting way to get some Southwest points, I would advise extreme caution doing so. In the case of using this method with American Express, I wouldn’t bother. Depending on the card you use too, it may require you to call in to actually book the flight.

If you were going to go ahead and do this anyway, I wouldn’t do this more than once or twice, just do it all at once. At least that way, not too many people are looking at your account while you’re making these changes.

Is this something you would do? Let us know your method and personal point value in the comment section below!

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