Blispay Acquired by Alliance Data

Blispay has gotten coverage over the last few years due to the way that it reports to the credit bureaus and for their interest free period. The Blispay card earns 2% cashback on every purchase which is given to you immediately. The interest free period works in a similar way to PayPal credit, where it gives you an interest free period of 6 months on purchases that are larger than $199. When it first launched, many people flocked to the card, not only for the benefits already stated, but also because it did not report to any credit bureau. That later changed when it started reporting to Experian a few years ago. 

The Change

A few months ago, Blispay announced that it would no longer lend out money because, well, they ran out of money to lend. Basically speaking, that means that if you had the card, you couldn’t use it, and if you didn’t have the card yet, you would not get approved. However, we got some news regarding the status of Blispay. It looks like they are back!

Blispay has been acquired by Alliance Data, who is better known as Comenity Bank. This is huge news as now that means Blispay has financial backing. 

Final Thoughts

While we now know that they are backed by Comenity bank, we don’t exactly know what will happen with the card, or if they will reopen the lending out. The Blispay card was one of the best 2% cards out there with the interest free periods on any purchase over $199. It would be great to see this card with this configuration return! 

What do you think about this acquisition? Do you expect that the Blispay card would return in the same capacity? Let us know below!

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