Blue Business Plus American Express 20,000 Point Sign Up Bonus

When it comes to American Express’ business card, it’s easy to talk about the benefits the Business Platinum has, or the recently reworked Business Gold card. A pretty important card that’s often overlooked is the Blue Business Plus card. Typically the card does not come with a sign up bonus. Due to American Express’ once in a lifetime rule, it is pretty important when there is a sign up bonus on this card!

The Offer

When it comes to the usual sign up bonus, there actually isn’t one! However, at the time of writing, there is a sign up bonus. If you spend a total of $3,000 within the first 3 months, you will be rewarded with 20,000 points.

Whenever there is a sign up bonus on this card, it’s typically earning 20,000 points for spending $5,000 within the first 3 months. So this is definitely an improvement!

You can see if you’ve been targeted for this offer by clicking this link and logging in.

Blue Business Plus Card Summary

The BBP card from American Express does not have an annual fee, and typically does not come with a sign up bonus either. As far as rewards are concerned, you will be able to get 2x points on every purchase for the first $50,000 within the calendar year, after surpassing that threshold, you will only be earning 1x points on every other purchase. 

Final Thoughts

While it may not have the glamor of the other business credit cards from American Express, if you are running an American Express setup, this is a great card to add to your arsenal. It does not have an annual fee, it doesn’t show up on your credit report, it can be used as a safe place to park your membership reward points if you need to close your other MR earning cards, and finally it is a great “catch all” card for the first $50,000 of purchases in the calendar year. 

The absolute best time to apply for this card is when there is a sign up bonus. So check the link above to see if you’re targeted!

What do you think of the BBP? Let us know below!

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