Brex Offers Option to Change Reward Categories

Whenever talks of business cards come up, it’s easy to only think about cards from Chase or American Express. Both companies offer cards with huge sign up bonuses and great rewards. However, one company, in my opinion always gets overlooked. And it’s a shame they often do, because Brex can really offer a ton of value to any legitimate business out there. As many businesses are basically shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, Brex has made a change that may help business out.

The Changes

Currently, if you have the Brex card, your reward categories would be as such: 7x rideshare, 4x brex travel, 3x restaurants, 2x recurring software, 1x everywhere

If you wanted to opt-in, you could change that structure to: 7x Collaboration tools bundle 3x food delivery bundle 2x recurring software 1x all other purchases

Final Thoughts

If your business has been shut down (hopefully only temporarily anyway), then the original reward categories on the Brex card probably don’t make that much sense right now. It’s nice to see that Brex is offering a different set of reward categories then. While this is very much an appreciated gesture, it does make me question why you have to opt into this sort of change, and why Brex wouldn’t just add these to the existing options for the time being? 

Do these new reward categories serve a more useful purpose for you? Will you be using your Brex card for your business purchases? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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