Brex Opens Up Lounge in San Francisco

A credit card benefit that I didn’t realize I needed until I had it was the lounge access. Typically speaking, lounges are spaces in airports that not only provide food and beverage, but also just a place to relax and unwind before your flight. With American Express at the head of the pack for this benefit, other card issuers have tried other things, such as putting lounges in other areas such as sport stadiums and concert venues.

Brex, the newer credit card that is focused on business start up companies, is trying something different.

The News

If you happen to find yourself in the South Park neighborhood of San Francisco, and you need a workspace that’s a little bit quieter than your typical coffee shop, you may have a new option. Brex has opened up a lounge, and it’s called the Oval Room. 

The Oval Room has a couple of really nice amenities which include coffee, chromebook rentals, printing, charge stations, books, and even its own concierge counter. For those of you that need a little bit more privacy, there is an included meeting room. This meeting room can be reserved  at no added cost.  

Currently, the lounge is only open if you’re invited in, but that may change within the next month. I would imagine this would be available at least to any Brex card holders. 

Final Thoughts

I really like things like this. While typically lounges are more reserved for the airport, who is to say that we should stop there? How often do you really travel by plane, to the point where you can even utilize those lounges? While many more people may be able to access the “in the city” type of lounge, it would be a pretty neat spot to meet up.

In the case of the Oval Room, this is more geared towards business owners who may need a relaxing place to work on things from time to time. I’d imagine somewhere like this is much less hectic than a typical coffee shop, especially around noon. I’m hoping to see where these ideas expand out to, and if we’ll see lounges open up all around different cities. 

What do you think of the “in the city” lounge, would you ever go to one? Let us know below!

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