Capital One Acquires Freebird, a Flight Insurance Company

If I had to give you a reason to get a travel related credit card, it would be the protections that it offers. While the fees can be hard to stomach, some cards offer protection against flights be canceled or delayed. This is a much better alternative than being stuck in an airport or paying out of pocket for a hotel while waiting to get rebooked on the next available flight. Services like Freebird would help people that don’t have those sort of protections. However, it seems like that service wont matter, as someone has picked them up.

The News

Capital One has acquired the flight insurance company Freebird.

Final Thoughts

Freebird in the past would charge a total of $19 to cover domestic flights against you either missing your flight, your flight being canceled, or if the flight is delayed by more than 4 hours. With the advent of coronavirus being around, it looks like they canceled the sort of protection offered. However, with Capital One acquiring them, I wonder what that will mean. If I had to take a guess, once the coronavirus problem passes, we could see Capital One offering this sort of insurance. I don’t think it makes sense to implement that policy right now!

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