Capital One Adds Price Protection to Their World/World Elite Mastercards

One of best reasons to advocate for people using credit cards vs cash or debit are the benefits that it offers. With a credit card, you could potentially be protected if you lose the item, it gets stolen, or even damaged. Up until last year, there was one more amazing benefit too, price protection.

Price protection meant that if you bought an item at a certain amount, and it dropped in price within 90 days, you would be able to get a refund for the difference. Unfortunately, the availability of price protection fell like dominoes, as more and more companies removed it from their cards. That is, until today.

The News

Capital One has added in Price Protection across all of their World and World Elite Mastercards. The only reason the business cards haven’t received this benefit is because they actually already had price protection on them.

The details of the Price Protection being added in are as follows:

  • Max $250 per claim
  • 4 claims per a 12 month period
  • the purchase cannot be split across multiple cards, must all be on the Capital One card
  • only valid for Capital One cards that are under the Mastercard network
  • exclusions include: items purchased for resale, lower prices which are due to rebates, taxes and shipping fees, personalized items, auctions, and more
  • file a claim by visiting or call 1-888-531-4227
  • claim must be within 120 days

Final Thoughts

This is a very interesting move from Capital One! There was a huge trend over the last year to remove this benefit. So to see them add it back in should make things interesting for the competition. At this point in time, there aren’t too many other cards that offer price protection.

I am curious to see if this pushes other companies to include the benefit back in, or if this will end up being a loss for Capital One. That being said, you could always use your Capital One cards for purchases that you think may be cheaper in the future. This may increase the amount of use Capital One cards get? We will just have to see what happens.

Does the inclusion of Price Protection shock you too? Are you more likely to make some purchases on a Capital One card knowing that it would have Price Protection? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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