Capital One Offering Referral Bonuses on Business Cards

If you happen to have a Spark Business card from Capital One, you could be in for a treat. Check those email boxes to see if you have been targeted! This is for both the Spark Cash and Spark Miles cards.

The Offers

There are actually three different offers for these cards. You could either be targeted to receive $100, $200, or $300 for referring a business to one of the Spark cards. You can refer up to 9 different business, which means you could earn anywhere from $900 to $2700. Just keep in mind that in order to receive the bonus, the business you refer has to get approved!

Whichever offer you receive, the person that is applying for the business card will receive the standard sign up bonus after approval.  

Final Thoughts

Something to keep in mind with these referral offers is that it’s possible that Capital One will send a 1099 form when it comes time to pay taxes. A few credit card companies sent these forms out last year, even if they were under the $600 limit. Additionally, these cards will show up on your credit report, even after being approved. This means it will take up a 5/24 slot.

It’s a shame that the people that actually sign up for the card will only receive the standard sign up bonus. This is especially true because it isn’t the highest offer we’ve seen by any means. However, if you do know a few business that could use this card, feel free to refer them to the Spark cards! 

Does the referral offer seem worth it to you? Let us know below!

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