Capital One Opening Up Lounge at IAD in 2021

Be honest. When you read this headline, did you think it was true? Or better yet, did you think Capital One would be the second credit card company to open an airport lounge? Honestly, I’m pretty shocked by this development.

The News

Capital One has won a bid to open up an airport lounge in Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. Some of the details of the lounge are as follows: ~9,100 square feet space, workout rooms, quiet rooms, conference room, showers, spa services, and even a play area for children. 

As far as accessing the lounge, details are missing. However, what we do know is that access to the lounge will involve a fee. It’s possible that there will be some sort of access for Capital One card holders.

Final Thoughts

I’m honestly impressed that Capital One would operate a lounge. I generally thought that Chase would offer some sort of Sapphire lounges. That being said, where can Capital One go from here? Do they offer lounge access for some cardholders like the Venture or Spark card? Do they introduce a premium travel credit card that can access the lounge? What if they partner with someone like Priority Pass? 

At this point in the game, anything is possible. Though I do think it would be amazing to see a premium travel credit card to compete with American Express and Chase. Let’s hope that we see some good news.

What are your theories on Capital One’s motives with this lounge acquisition? Let us know in the comment section below.

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