Capital One Points Now Redeemable on Amazon

Amazon truly is a powerhouse of a company isn’t it? They have partnered with so many different credit card companies, it looks bad if you aren’t partnered with them at this point. Capital One will now be the newest partner of Amazon when it comes to their Capital One points.

The News

The following cards will be eligible to transfer points or Cashback to Amazon through the Shop-With-Points program:

  • Venture / VentureOne
  • Quicksilver / QuicksilverOne
  • Savor / SavorOne
  • Spark Miles / Spark Miles Select
  • Spark Cash / Spark Cash Select
  • Spark Classic
  • Journey Student

Points will transfer at a 1 cent per point rate if the card earns cashback. If the card earns points, 125 points will equal $1. 

Final Thoughts

It is always nice to see more flexibility when it comes to points in general. That being said, I don’t really think these are the best case use of these points. However, if you absolutely wont get a better redemption for the points, this wouldn’t be a bad way to go. 

We’ve seen promotions in the past where Chase and American Express cards that earn points can get a substantial savings by just redeeming 1 point. Let’s hope that Capital One will also be included in these promotions moving forward.

What is your best case use for Capital One points? Does redeeming them at Amazon seem like an appealing option? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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