Capital One Spark Business Card Adds TSA Pre/Global Entry Credit

When it comes to travel credit cards with annual fees, many cards come with a TSA Precheck/Global Entry credit. Both of these programs offer a way to make your airport experience better. TSA Precheck allows you to get through security faster on domestic flights, whereas Global Entry allows you to enter a much faster line for customs when entering the country. The great part about Global Entry is that it includes Precheck. 

The News

Add the Capital One Spark Miles card to the list of credit cards that offer this sort of credit. While both Precheck and Global Entry both last for 5 years before a renewal is required, on the credit card’s end, you can use the credit every 4 years. 

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few credit cards that offer TSA Precheck or Global Entry credit. Or maybe it’s just the good travel cards that we enjoy offer the credit? Either way, if you are not part of either program, and you have this card then it is a great time to sign up for the program. If you happen to be part of this program from another credit card, then you don’t have to let the credit go to waste! 

So long as you use your credit card to pay for the application, you can give the credit to someone else, including a significant other, family member, or even a friend. 

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