Capital One Spark Business Card Offering Referrals

Do you happen to know of a business that could use a Capital One Spark credit card? Depending on the offer you have been targeted for, you could receive either $100, 200, or 300 for your referral! Keep in mind for not only yourself but the other business that the Capital One business credit cards will report to the individual’s credit report. 

The Offer

Check out those email inboxes! Capital One is sending out offer letters to owns of the Spark Business credit card to get a bonus for each successful referral. The amount can vary in between $100 to $300. Regardless of the referral amount, you could get up to a total of bonus of $1,800. 

Final Thoughts

This isn’t a bad way to earn an extra $1800 per year. Of course there are a couple of things to keep in mind with these Capital One Business cards. First and foremost, the business cards from Capital One will show up on your credit report. The second thing to keep in mind is that depending on if Capital One wants to or not, they could send out a 1099 form to you for all of the referrals that you received. While this has been reserved for people earning over $600 in the past, last year we saw these 1099 forms being issued out by American Express and Chase. Still, there is some money to be made be referring businesses to the card. 

Do you think these referrals are worth the risk of a 1099? Let us know below!  

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