Capital One Spark Moving From Visa to Mastercard

In the United States, and frankly, across the world, there really isn’t a difference in Mastercard vs Visa. Generally speaking, if a certain business accepts one, they will probably accept the other. Still, it’s weird when companies make a change to their network

The News

The Spark Business cards will be moving from the Visa network to the Mastercard network. This changes means that new cards will be sent out to all Spark cardholders.

Final Thoughts

It’s always a weird thing when card issuers are changing the network. That being said, outside of Costco, there aren’t that any mainstream places that only accept Visa and not Mastercard. I can’t say that you business wont be impacted though. However, I would venture to say that your business will be able to operate just as normally as before.

On the bright side, with the change from Visa to Mastercard, cardholders will probably get the new benefits that Mastercard has offered on just about all of their cards such as cell phone protection.

Are you excited about the change over from Visa to Mastercard? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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