Capital One Transfer Bonus to Qantas

One of the best ways to get value from your credit card reward points is by transferring out the points to a travel partner. While points themselves may be worth 1 cent or so if you redeem them for cash, sometimes you can get some much greater value from the transfer. What’s better is when there is a bonus for transferring your point over! 

The Offer

While Capital One is still relatively new to the point transfer space, however they’re making moves like they’ve been here for a while. From now until October 31st, there will be an increased transfer bonus to Qantas. The normal rate is 2:1.5 (Capital One:Qantas), for the time being, the new rate is now is 1:1.

Final Thoughts

While you can make the case that going to a 1:1 rate should be fairly standard, keep in mind how much value Capital One points have. Compared to other programs, they just aren’t worth as much. However, that just means that a 1:1 rate is actually a pretty valuable proposition! Just remember, you have until October 31st to transfer the points over to get the bonus. After that it’ll return to that annoying 2:1.5 rate. 

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