Capital One Venture and Savor Cards Can Earn 5x on UberEATS (Limited Time)

As this pandemic gets extended out, the one constant here is that we as humans need food. While so many credit card companies are offering incentives for grocery shopping, not that many are offering much more than that. While making food at home is great and all, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to just go out and get some nasty and greasy food! For when that moment arrives, Capital One has your back with its new temporary category.

The Offer

From now until January 31, 2020, Venture, VentureOne, Savor, and SavorOne cardholders can earn 5x on UberEATS. Be careful though, as it does exclude orders paid with Paypal or mobile wallets such as Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a good change. It’s nice to see a benefit last more than a couple of months too! This one lasts until January which should be plenty of time to get some food delivered. It’s a shame that the category isn’t food delivery in general, but hey, a ton of other credit card companies have exclusive deals at this point too.

The one interesting caveat here is that it excludes paying with the mobile wallets which I find strange. Maybe they would have to pay a commission to Apple or Google? And with offering 5x, maybe it wouldn’t be worth doing that? That’s my best guess anyway. But still, this is pretty neat regardless!

What do you think about this offer? Is it worth using a Capital One card to order food for the 5x points? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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