Changes Coming to Hilton Ascend Card + Resort Credit Definition

The history of Hilton and credit cards is a pretty long one. Not too long ago, the entire portfolio used to belong to Citi., and now it belongs to American Express. Also, the premium credit card used to be called the Surpass instead of the Aspire. As you may know, the other Hilton card that charges an annual fee is called the Ascend. Even for savvy credit card enthusiasts, it is easy to get the two mixed up. Not only do they both start with A, but the next letter on both is also the same! While it may not sound like a big deal, it wouldn’t hurt to clearly differentiate between the two, especially considering one of them charges a $450 annual fee. 

The Changes

As of July18th, the $450 annual fee Hilton card will no longer be known as the Aspire card, instead it will be referred to its old name, the Surpass card. The Hilton Honors and Ascend card will remain unchanged.

There is another change coming to Hilton credit cards, and that is the Resort credit. Resort credits will no longer apply to advanced purchase rates. Every other type of purchase will still be eligible for the $250 resort credit. This change is coming on August 1st. 

Final Thoughts

I’m glad that the Aspire card is getting changed back to the Surpass card. If we are being honest, many people could easily confuse the two cards, and they are very different! Differentiating them by this name change will go a long way. 

As far as the resort credit, while this is a negative change, I’m not sure that many people will actually be impacted by this. Funny enough, the credit actually never really worked in the first place, so if you were able to get a Hilton credit beforehand, chances are this wouldn’t impact you anyway.

Are you relieved to have a Surpass card again? Let us know what you think about the resort credit change and if you ever got it to work for advanced bookings anyway!

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