Chase Adds Emirates as a Transfer Partner

When you do something a more and more, you tend to down play how big of an accomplishment something may be. When you have 10 transfer partners, is the 11th one the biggest deal? Chase doesn’t seem to think so, as there was any sort of formal announcement of this deal from either party!

The News

Chase has went ahead and added their 11th transfer partner to the Ultimate Reward program, and that is… *drumroll*… Emirates! Emirates is an airline based out of Dubai. Unlike most other airlines, Emirates actually does not belong to an airline alliance. Instead, they like to do their own thing. Fortunately, they do have a deal with a few different airlines, with one of them being Alaska Airlines. 

Points can be transferred from any card that earns Ultimate Reward Points including the Sapphire cards and the Ink Business Preferred. The points themselves transfer at a 1:1 rate, and should transfer instantly from Chase over to Emirates

Final Thoughts

Before this deal was stuck, the only other credit card company that had points transferable to Emirates was actually American Express. Now though, if you happen to have a Ultimate Reward Point earning card, you could transfer points over from Chase as well. With situations like these, having more options is always a good thing. 

With Emirates not being part of an official airline alliance, it makes it pretty interesting that they partner with a few other airlines like Alaska Airlines. Still, the only thing that could potentially sour this partnership are the fuel surcharges that Emirates likes to charge. Be careful, and always double check to ensure you’re getting good value when you transfer any points over. 

Have you gotten any good value flights by paying with points on Emirates? Let us know down in the comments down below. 

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