Chase Adds Sign Up Bonus Trackers

Here at Creditalacarte, we always love our sign up bonuses. In an ideal world, it would be nice to know exactly what counts, doesn’t count, how much spending we’ve done, and how much we’ve spent without having to go through the last few statements. Some issuers have released trackers so that it makes it clear for everyone to know exactly what’s going on. It is now Chase’s turn to get on the bandwagon. 

The News

Chase has finally gotten on the latest trend in sign up bonuses, and have added in a sign up bonus tracker for both personal and business cards. If you are on the website, you can find it underneath “reward activity”, whereas if you are on the app, it should show up when you click on the individual card.

The nice thing about the tracker is that it not only confirms how much you’ve spent vs how much you need to spend, but it also actually has an end date. This way you know exactly how much time you have. This is an issue because it’s easy to forget the exact start date, as it’s based around the approval date, and not the date that you activate your card. 

Final Thoughts

Chase has finally joined American Express, Citi, and even Wells Fargo on the sign up bonus tracker. There are always so many rules to follow for each issuer when it comes down to the sign up bonus itself, it’s nice to see if you’re eligible, and how much spending you’ve done vs how much you’ve got to go. 

While it’s showing up on the personal and business cards, it seems to be only showing up on the core cards. Personally I’m a little annoyed because I just completed sign up bonus spending on an Ink Preferred and I’m still waiting to see those points show up in the reward center. Additionally I can confirm that at least for the time being, this isn’t available on the co-branded cards, at least the World of Hyatt card. I just got approved for the Hyatt card on March 31st, and have not seen this sign up bonus tracker in my account on both the website and the app. I guess we’ll have to do things the old fashion way of tracking spending. 

Either way, steps like these are great quality of life improvements that are needed on every card. It just makes it easy for the cardholder to see their progress, and makes it easier if you need to call and ask why the points are not showing up. 

What do you think of Chase’s sign up tracker? Have you also applied for a co-branded card and seen/not seen the sign up bonus tracker? Let us know below!

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