Chase Announced Q3 2020 Freedom Categories

As Q3 of 2020 is coming up, it is time for Chase to announce their rotating 5% back category on the Freedom card. As per tradition, I will always get annoyed at Chase for announcing their categories only a mere two weeks before, where others such as Discover will do it before the year even starts. Then again, I think this year, that has definitely been in Chase’s favor.

The News

Regardless of my opinions on timing, Chase has announced the Q3 categories! They are as follows:

  • Whole Foods

As a reminder, in order to get the 5% back, you’re going to have to “activate” the quarter. In order to do so,  you’ll either have to sign into your account online or in the app and navigate to the activate quarter button, or you can also call in the number on the back of your card to activate it as well.

Final Thoughts

Well, I can’t say that I’m too happy with this quarter, but I think I’m also going to be in the minority here. I don’ t have Amazon Prime, and I also don’ t shop at whole foods, so for me personally, the use of this next quarter is going to be fairly limited. That being said, a large majority of you do use Amazon, and for those people, this is an incredible deal. Additionally, for those of you that may not shop at Amazon that often, you could always either add a balance to your Amazon for the time you do, or even find some gift cards at Whole Foods to help you maximize the quarter.

While Chase also offers an Amazon card that gives its users 5% back for purchases, using the Freedom card will be the better deal, due to the 5% back being earned as Ultimate Reward points. If you have other Chase cards that actually earn Ultimate Reward points, you can transfer them to that card, and potentially redeem them at either 1.25 or even 1.5 cents per point. At the 1.5 cents per point valuation, that would be a total return of 7.5% vs only 5%.

What do you think about this quarter?  Will it be easy to maximize with Amazon, or are you like me and don’t really shop there that often? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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