Chase Business Selected for You Offers – Black Stars

When it comes to sign up bonuses, each company has their own set of guidelines that you have to follow to be eligible for them. Chase has its infamous 5/24 rule that states you can only get approved for a card if you have not been approved for more than 5 credit cards in a 24 month span. For the most part, they are pretty strict about this rule, and there aren’t many ways around it. 

The Change

Of course, every rule is made to be broken. While in the past there have been many ways to circumvent this 5/24 rule, most of those routes have bee closed off. That being said, one of the popular ways to get around this rule is the “just for you” offers from Chase. Normally, this comes in the form of green check mark offers. Double check that these display a fixed APR before you apply! If it shows a range, then don’t waste your time. 

However, it seems that on some personal accounts, inside of the “just for you” offers, some users are seeing some business card offerings. These are dictated by a black star instead of the green check mark. As with the personal level of cards, I would double check the APR for a fixed number before applying. However, from what we’ve seen it looks like these offers are getting around the 5/24 rule

As far as the offer themselves, they are not elevated sign up bonuses, but rather the standard rate. Still, if you are over 5/24 you wouldn’t be eligible for these through normal means. Something is better than nothing!

Final Thoughts

While applying for more than 5 credit cards in a single year sounds impossible for most people, those in the credit card game know how restrictive this rule can be. You really have to plan out your applications for two years in advance, and that really put a damper on things. If you happen to be over the 5/24, and you don’t apply for too much, you might be seeing offers like these from Chase! Just make sure you are checking your accounts from time to time and these offers come and go. 

Do you have any “just for you” offers showing up in your account? Let us know which ones!

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