Chase Cards Earn 5x or 10x on Lyft Rides for 2 Years

With the news of some pretty major changes coming to the Sapphire Reserve, Chase didn’t want to leave its other cards out of some changes too. These changes are focused on Lyft.

The Changes

Depending on which card you have from Chase, you will be seeing an increase to the amount of points you will earn when spending on Lyft rides.

  • CSR: 10x and 1 Year of Lyft Pink Membership per account 
  • CSP, Sapphire, Ink Preferred, Ink Plus: 5x Lyft
  • Chase Freedom, Student, Unlimited Cash Ink Cash, Business, and Unlimited: 5% on Lyft

Final Thoughts

I’m actually a little surprised to see that Chase is also giving its other cards a 5x/5% category on Lyft. Of course, this is not a lifelong deal, and only valid for 2 years. Still, it could give people that have a Chase card a better opportunity to earn some points on their ride share. 

The other interesting thing to note here is that the Chase Sapphire Reserve is the only card from the list that will earn 10x on Lyfts. Given the increase in annual fee, and arguably the lack of any good benefits for many, I think it’s a nice gesture that it’s the only card that is so rewarding. And it makes sense too, as the next highest fee on any of these other cards is $95, whereas the others are just flat out free.

What do you think about these reward category updates? Do you think it will force you to use Lyft when you decide to ride share? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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