Chase Discontinues “Finn”

Finn was Chase’s answer to lure millennials into their ecosystem. Set up as an app, it allowed users to rate purchases with emojis and other ridiculous things. On the plus side it did not have a monthly fee, which is definitely a bonus. 

The News

According to Chase, Finn was marketed as a digital bank, with the ability to access some branches as well. Instead of keeping these features exclusive to Finn, Chase decided that it would be better to offer these sort of services to all of their customers. This means that Finn was redundant. 

If you were a Finn customer, Chase will automatically migrate your Finn accounts into normal Chase checking and Savings accounts. Emails were sent out that stated the usernames, passwords, pin, account number, and direct deposit would remain the same. As an added bonus, the $4.95 monthly fee would be waived as well.  

Final Thoughts

As a millennial myself, I think the whole thing was pretty silly. Good on Chase for not only giving all of their customers the features that Finn offered, but also for waiving the monthly fee for people that used to not have one with Finn. At the very least, I can say that at least they tried it out, it’s not a big deal that it didn’t really work out. 

Where you a previous Finn customer? Let us know your experience with the app and if the normal app compares!

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