Chase Freedom 5% Q4 2020 Categories

You read the title, so you know exactly what I’m going to say for the next couple of sentences. Why can’t Chase announce these categories sooner than 2 weeks before the quarter starts! Citi and Discover seem to have no problem in doing so! Well, right on time, we have word of the categories that will earn 5% on the Freedom and Freedom Flex for Q4 of 2020.

The News

The Q4 categories for 2020 on the Chase Freedom/Freedom Flex will be Walmart and Paypal! As far as Walmart purchases go, this will include both online and in store.

Final Thoughts

If I’m being honest, I’m pretty disappointed in the selection of 5% categories for Q4. With the inclusion of Q3 2020, we’ve only been able to get general categories for half of the year; the other half were at specific retailers. I hope this is not the trend that we will see going forward, or at least, if it is, that we also see some in general categories in addition to the specific businesses.

When it comes to maximizing the category though, I think you’ll have plenty of opportunities here. If you don’t normally shop at Walmart, you can always transfer some of your spend over to them. Like, if you normally buy a ton of stuff on Amazon, Walmart has probably the 2nd best network out there to ship things to you quickly. Alternatively, you could always go in the store and buy giftcards.

As far as Paypal, be careful with this one. You’ll want to spend money at actual businesses, such as buying things off of eBay where they accept paypal. Don’t just send money to your friend because that will not count (or at least, it shouldn’t). Alternatively though, recently Paypal has announced their virtual credit card numbers. You could in theory link your Freedom/Freedom Flex card to your Paypal, generate a number, and then shop that way! It would allow you to shop at places that don’t generally accept Paypal.

What do you think about the new Q4 categories? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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