Chase Freedom Q2 2020 – Streaming Added

Typically speaking, I always get upset at Chase because unlike Citi and Discover, Chase decides to keep quiet about their 5% rotating category card. That is, until two weeks before the quarter starts. It seems like in this case, that decision has really paid off for them.

The Change

The quarter 2 categories for 2020 on the Chase Freedom include grocery shopping and fitness clubs/gym memberships. Half of those categories are useful right now, so Chase decided to add in a new one. Better yet, they decided to continue streaming services as a 5% category for Q2. 

Final Thoughts

When you really think about it, grocery stores are one of the only places that are really open right now. Gyms and fitness clubs are considered non-essential, and therefore their doors are closed for the time being. What are people able to do at home though? They’re staying at home, and streaming!

Admittedly, streaming isn’t, or rather, shouldn’t be a large part of your budget. However, this is the perfect time to continue to earn 5% on these purchases for the next few months. 

What do you think about this change to the Chase Freedom card? Are you going to be able to take advantage of it? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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