Chase Freedom Q3 Categories Announced!

Every 3 months we happen to go through these changes. There are cards out there that earn 5% cashback on categories that rotate every quarter including the Chase Freedom, Discover IT, and the Citi Dividend. Besides being able to turn that 5% cashback directly into points, the other interesting thing about Chase and its Freedom card is that they don’t announce the categories until only a couple of weeks before the start of the new quarter. So, without further adieu, 

The Reward Categories

The Reward Categories for Q3 of 2019 are as follows:

  • Gas Stations
  • Streaming Services

Final Thoughts

This is a pretty interesting take for Chase, as gas station purchases were already a category for the Freedom card in Q1. Still, I think many people can easily max out the category for this quarter just on gas alone. If you think you may have trouble maxing out this category, try to find some gas stations that sell gift cards and take credit card for them. I promise they are out there!

As far as streaming services, I really hope you don’t max out the category on this alone. While not too many points, I did move my Hulu subscription over for a few months, and it’ll be going back on my Blue Cash Preferred (which started offering 6% cashback recently for streaming) after Q3 is over.

The one thing I’m surprised over is the lack of a Chase Pay category this year. Maybe it has to do with teaming up with Samsung pay that they don’t see it as necessary?

How are you going to max the category out this quarter? What do you think of the reward categories?  Let us know below!

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