Chase Freedom Unlimited 4% Targeted Offer

Just when you thought that the 3% offer on the Chase Freedom Unlimited for the first year was a crazy proposition, Chase has one upped itself, by offering an even higher sign up bonus. 

The Offer

Keep in mind, this is a targeted offer that is only available through email. If you’re interested, make sure to check those inboxes! The offer is as follows:

4% Back on every purchase for the first year with a maximum of $20,000

Of course, after the first year, or after the first $20,000, whichever comes first, the earning rate will go back to its original earning rate of 1.5% back on all purchases. 

Final Thoughts

While it may not be as good as the crazy offer we saw last year of 3% back for the first year without a cap, this is still probably as good of an offer as we can get with a spending cap. If you are able to max out that $20,000 at the 4% rate, you’d be earning 80,000 points. If you value those points at 2 cents per point, you’d walk away with over $1,600, resulting in an 8 percent return on the spend. The typical sign up bonus on the card is $150 for spending $500, which you could argue is better because its quick and easy, however this offer is great if you are able to max out that spend. 

Which offer do you think is better, this increased 4%, or the easy $150? Let us know in the comment down below!

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