Chase IHG Premier All Time High Sign Up Bonus

The IHG Premier card from Chase is definitely one of those cards you should consider if you end up traveling at least once a year. While it may not be the ultimate value that it used to be, the latest IHG card is still a pretty good value proposition. Not only do you get top tier status in IHG, but you also get anniversary nights every time you renew the card. Of course there are other reasons to pick up the card too. And now, we are seeing an all time high sign up bonus too!

The Offer

Log in to the IHG app on your mobile device! There are reports of some people seeing an offer for 140,000 IHG points after spending $3,000 within the first 3 months.

Final Thoughts

The public offer on the card right now is 125,000 points, which if we value the IHG points at 0.5 cents per point (TPG), that would put it at being worth $625. The 140,000 offer by comparison would be worth $700. Previously, the highest offer we’ve seen is 125,000 +$50, but that wouldn’t be worth as much as the 140,000 point offer.

If you are able to see this offer in your IHG app, this is definitely an offer worth going for. Even with coronavirus being a thing, there are still places you can get value from the free night. Besides, the free night certificate is an anniversary one, so you wouldn’t get it by 2021 anyway. Hopefully things might clear up by then!

What do you think about this offer? Is 140,000 points enough for you to sign up? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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