Chase Ink Unlimited Up to $2,000 Bonus (Targeted)

The Ink Unlimited is the business version of the Freedom Unlimited card from Chase. Both cards earn 1.5% cashback on every single purchase you make. While that may not sound as great as 2% cashback like some other cards out there, the great value of these two cards come in the ability to transform that cashback into Ultimate Reward points by transferring that cashback into a card that earns Ultimate Reward points. Of course, the great benefit of that is that the points can be worth more than cash. 

Chase has been playing around the with signup bonus on the Freedom Unlimited, so it only makes sense that they would also play around with the sign up bonus on the Ink Unlimited as well. 

The Offer

If your business spends a ton of money, this may the offer for you to earn a lot of points. The offer is split up into a tiered system as outlined below:

  • Earn $500 after spending $3,000 within the first three months
  • Earn an additional $1,500 after spending a total of $50,000 after the first six months. 

Final Thoughts

If your business can spend a total of $50,000 within the first 6 months, you would be getting a total of $2,000 if you only looked at cash back. If you transfer that cashback to points, you would be getting 200,000 points. At 2 cents per point, the total value would be over $4,000! Not even including the points you would earn by getting the sign up bonus that’s a pretty sweet deal. 

If you don’t think you could spend $50,000 within 6 months on your business, then it definitely would be worth going for at least the $3,000 spend requirement to get $500/50,000 points. 

Is this an offer that your business could achieve? Let us know below!

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