Chase Offers are Now Showing Up Outside of the Mobile App

Most of the major credit card institutions have some sort of deals that you can take advantage of. They may vary from spending a certain amount of money at a certain business and getting some money back, or just a straight percentage off of a purchase at a certain business. 

The News

When it comes to Chase though, they have been playing around with offers for a while now. First, they were only available on the Hyatt and the Slate card, but then they were removed all together for a few months. Then not too long ago, Chase offers were brought back for most of their cards, however, the catch was that they were only available to you if you used the Chase app. 

Now though, there has been a pretty great change to the system. This change comes in the form of more options! No matter which way you log into your Chase account, whether that be mobile or on a computer, you should be able to see these offers show up. If you have multiple Chase cards, be sure to check the other cards to see if there are different offers. 

Final Thoughts

While I’m on my phone a lot more these days, it is nice to see the offers whenever you are logged into a computer. Whenever I used to log in on a computer, would always get annoyed that I couldn’t see any offers, or maybe there were offers that were missing? I’m always a big proponent of more options for the consumer, and this is definitely a positive change. 

Too bad I got a good 15% off a Hyatt stay offer after I stayed at one for a couple of days, but what can you do? 

What do you think of these changes? Have you been able to use any of the Chase offers? 

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