Chase Pay App Closing in Early 2020

One of the biggest crazes in technology in 2018 involved different payment methods. Specifically, every company wanted to get some market share of having their own “pay” app. Chase, funny enough, was actually one of their first ones to market. However, that didn’t really do them much good, as their method of payment was a very cumbersome and very limited QR code system. They ended up partnering with Samsung Pay, which allowed the payment method to be used just about anywhere.

The Details

We’ve just gotten word about one more change coming to Chase Pay. As of early 2020, Chase Pay will no longer be supported. The app itself will become useless, and any sort of order ahead credits will likely disappear if not redeemed by then. 

Now, just to set the record straight, the Chase Pay APP itself is closing down and will no longer be supported. However, the service itself will still remain an option with varying merchants. 

Final Thoughts

If we are being honest, I think the war of payment methods has pretty much come to a close. It looks like the 3 big winners of it are Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. They each have their own benefits and uses that make them worth using (my favorite of course is Samsung Pay). I can’t say that I really used Chase Pay all that often, it’s more of an inconvenience to use then either using Samsung Pay directly, or even just using the physical card.

That being said, one of the main uses I had for it involved the Chase Freedom 5% back categories. A few times, Chase Pay showed up as an option for one of the quarters out of the year. If the closing of the app means that we will no longer see an easy quarter, I am pretty bummed. It will be an option for Q4 2019, but lets hope that we see this again, or at least maybe we’ll get wireless payments for a category? Time will only tell.

As a quick reminder, only the app itself is closing down. Be sure to use those order ahead credits soon!

What has your experience been using the Chase Pay app? Let us know down in the comments below.

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