Chase Private Client – Benefit Overview

If you really like chase and have a ton of money, you could be eligible to be a Chase Private Client. This is basically the top level of a relationship with Chase. It comes with a ton of benefits including discounts, waived fees, and extra dedicated service advisers. For comparison sake, the equivalent at Bank of America would be a Preferred Reward member. 


There are two main ways you can qualify to be a Chase Private Client. The first way is by having ~250k invest into Chase. This can be in the form of bank accounts or investment accounts. The other way is by having an immediate family member that is also a Private Client. If they are, you will need them to sign onto a joint account with you in order to extend the benefits over to you.


There are a ton of benefits to being a Chase Private client, which include: 

  1. Eligible for the JP Morgan Reserve (similar to Sapphire Reserve)
  2. Chase Private Client Arts and Culture Program (free admission or discounts to certain Musuems in the United States)
  3. No Fee Wire Transfers
  4. No monthly service fee on Chase Private Client checking or savings accounts
  5. Mortgage Benefits ($750 discount on closing costs, priority processing, discounts for HELOCs)
  6. No fees at non-Chase ATMS (up to 5 times per month)
  7. No Foreign transaction fee or ATM withdrawal fees abroad
  8. When using debit card, daily withdrawal limit of $2,000 and daily purchasing limit of $7,500
  9. Reduced minimum balance transfer requirement on business checking, 
  10. no fee on total business checking account
  11. No stop payment fees
  12. No Fees for cashier checks, counter checks, or money orders
  13. No fee for 3×5 safe deposit box, and 20% discount on larger boxes

Final Thoughts

If you are eligible for the Chase Private Client, make sure you check for any offers. From time to time there will be a nice bonus of $1,250 for upgrading to that sort of account. If the benefits are right for you, go ahead and apply! It doesn’t hurt to have this sort of distinction on your account. 

What are you thoughts on Chase Private Client? Let us know below!

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