Chase Referral Bonus For Marriott Cards Now Interchangeable

When it comes to referrals, American Express has my absolute favorite system. If you hold one of their cards, you can refer someone to any one of the cards that they hold. It looks like Marriott is making a change to do something similar on its Chase cards.

The Changes

Chase has a made a change in the way referrals will work on its Marriott cards. They have created a “family” of cards for its Marriott cards. If you happen to have one of the Marriott cards, you’ll be able to refer someone, and they’ll be able to apply for either card.

  • If you have the Bold or Boundless cards, you’ll be able to refer someone to either of these two cards. 
  • If you have the Ritz Carleton card or the Business card, you’ll also be able to refer to the Bold or Boundless cards

Final Thoughts

This kind of referral program always makes sense to me. It’s hard enough finding someone that is actually interested in the same sort of credit card as you, let alone one that has equal benefits. How many people outside of the credit card community are really interested in paying a $450 annual fee on a credit card? Not many. But it makes it easy if you can refer them to a $0 or even a $95 annual fee if the card makes sense for them. It’s really up to them how they chose to do it. 

With these new changes coming into effect, will you be referring anyone to one of Marriott’s cards? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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