Chase Removes Chase Slate Card to New Applications

Following the news of Chase becoming more strict on new mortgage and business credit applications, we have word of another move that further proves that Chase is tightening things up. This time, it has to do with the the personal side of Chase’s credit cards. 

The News

The Chase Slate card is no longer showing up on the Chase credit card page. If you do find some work around to redirect you to the Chase Slate page, you’ll end up being redirected to the Chase Freedom page. 

Final Thoughts

At first thought, you may not see a connection here, but let me break this down for you. The Slate card is Chase’s balance transfer card; outside of that balance transfer, it doesn’t serve much of a purpose. After the 60 day balance transfer period is over, the card is worthless as it doesn’t earn any rewards. In the past, we’ve talked about different rumors and theories as to how Chase would get rid of the Slate card; right now seems like the perfect time. 

The bigger picture though, is that because it’s a balance transfer focused credit card, it is targeted to people with not so great credit. If Chase is trying to alleviate some risk, they would go after the things that would attract the riskiest customers. If we take a look at the last week, this would add up with not only the business card changes, but also the new mortgage application changes.

What do you think about Chase removing the Slate card? Is this a temporary measure, or do you think Chase would permanently change it? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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