Chase Sapphire Preferred 80k Offer

Outside of the initial launch of the Sapphire Reserve card, the Sapphire Preferred has usually had a better sign up bonus than the Reserve. There’s a few reasons that could be the case, including the Preferred’s $95 annual fee is easier to justify to most people vs a (now) $550 fee, or it could be because the Reserve makes them less money. Either way, if you are interested in the Sapphire Preferred card, this could be a spectacular offer for you. 

The Offer

The standard sign up bonus on the Sapphire Preferred right now is a 60,000 points for spending $4,000 within the first 3 months. That in of itself is a pretty good offer. However, if you happen to get a mailer with this one, definitely take it instead. The targeted offer is 80,000 points for the same $4,000 spend within the same 3 months period.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately the annual fee is not waived with this offer, but that would be the least of your problems. 80,000 points actually has only been offered once before publicly on the Sapphire Preferred; but in order to get that, you needed to run a total of $20,000 through the card within a short amount of time.

With this offer, you can get the same 80,000 points and only spend the standard $4,000. I don’t think you’ll see a better offer than this any time soon, so if you’re remotely interested in this offer, and get it through the mail, you need to apply! Of course, keep in mind all of Chase’s rules like 5/24 and the one Sapphire rule.  

What do you think about this offer? Have you been targeted? Let us know down in he comment section below. 

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