Chase Sends Out Survey Regarding a Potential Mid Tier United Card

Very recently, Chase and United have been butting heads. United is upset at Chase because they offer the Sapphire Reserve credit card. United claims that the Sapphire Reserve has taken business away from people for signing up for their credit card. What can Chase do if they offer an amazing value, and United doesn’t really offer that great of a product? Chase has sent out a survey regarding a potentially new United card. 

The News

Chase has recently sent out a survey regarding a new United card. Currently there is a $95 annual fee credit card and a $450 annual fee credit card. What about a $250 annual fee, right in the middle sort of United card? They are asking what people feel about a 25% redemption bonus on United flights and the ability to redeem miles for any purchase at a rate of 1 cent per point. 

Final Thoughts

It’s a real shame that United that Chase offers a really good credit card. The simple truth though is that unless you offer people a good value, they wont sign up for your credit card. United will have to find ways that will get people excited about a United credit card. 

It looks like they are trying to do something different by throwing in a mid tier $250 annual fee credit card. Not always, but oftentimes when they do send out surveys, it ends up up being a credit card in the future. We will have to see what they do offer if they do decide to go ahead with this sort of deal. 

Based on this short list of details, what do you think about a mid tier United Card? Let us know below!

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