Chase Southwest Referrals Now Available For Any Credit Card

When it comes to referrals, American Express has my favorite system of referrals. No matter which card you have, you can refer anyone to just about any card. While many of us reading the site may have multiple American Express cards, the simple fact of the matter is that most people don’t have a ton of credit cards, let alone many from American Express. This system allows you to just refer someone to American Express, instead of a specific card with specific categories that may not even be applicable to the person you’re referring to. 

While no other credit card issuers have offered this sort of system (yet?). Chase has the closest sort of system through Southwest and its referral program. 

The Change

Now being advertised on its website, Southwest will now allow you to refer someone to any single Southwest card out there. The amazing part about this deal is that the referrals include business credit cards. 

As it stands at the time of writing, it may be worth double checking the offers available via referral and the public offering if applying directly. It looks like the the personal cards are showing a smaller than normal sign up bonus, while the business cards are showing the same bonus as the public offer.

Final Thoughts

Have I mentioned how much I love when credit card companies work referrals in this way? It just makes it much easier to refer a credit card to your friends or family, when they can apply for any credit card that is offered. Let’s be honest and say that unless people are in the know about the credit card game, it may be difficult to convince them an annual fee for a credit card is worth it.

That being said, if you are able to find someone that could benefit from a Southwest credit card, be sure to double check the referrals. It’s possible that the sign up bonuses may be a little lower than the public offering. If that is the case, do your friend/family a solid and just let them apply directly. 

What do you think about Southwest offering this type of referral system? Let us know below!

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