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For better or worse, whenever you hear people talk about budgets, they always refer to cutting Starbucks out of your life. While it can understandably be an large expense if you go often, there are ways that you can still enjoy your coffee and drink it too. One of the those ways, for my coffee enthusiasts out there is the Starbucks Credit Card. What’s an even better offer than that? When Chase increases the sign up bonus!

The Offer

For a limited time, the sign up bonus has been increased on the card. The new sign up bonus has increased to 6,500 stars when you spend $500 within the first three months. Additionally, you can earn 250 stars by loading your Starbucks account with the Starbucks credit card. 

There is one more part of this offer that’s unique too, and that is they are getting rid of the annual fee on the card if you sign up now. 

Starbucks Credit Card Summary

The Starbucks credit card comes with an annual fee of $49. Holding the cards gets you instant Gold status. This status normally requires $300 per year to maintain. As far as the reward categories, they are broken down as follows:

  • 1x: Starbucks reloads 
  • 0.25x: everywhere else (including using your card directly at Starbucks vs reloading)

In addition, when you sign up for the card you get 8 barista picks showing up onto your account within 45 days of getting approved. These are automatically generated for you and are just random food or beverages. They expire after 30 days if you don’t use them.  

Final Thoughts

When the card was first launched, it offered a sign up bonus of 2,500 stars. It was further increased to 4,500 stars, and now it looks like it will stay at 6,500 stars until further notice. The nice part about this offer is that the annual fee of $49 is getting waived in the first year.

If we are being honest, this isn’t a great card at all. Not only does it have an annual fee (why?) but it also comes with the added problem of 5/24. Like any other Chase card, if you happen to have been approved for 5 or more cards within a 24 month period, you would not be approved. What’s worse is that this counts for a 5/24 slot. If you compare it to the other cards Chase has, this is a bad card. If you compare it to potentially blocking you from earning a nice sign up bonus offer on a different card, this card is pretty bad too.

That being said, if you happen to already have all of the Chase cards you want except for this one, and you really really like Starbucks, then this is a pretty neat card to have. Otherwise, it’s offers pretty terrible value. 

That being said, them offering an increased sign up bonus and the annual fee being waived is a step in the right direction. At the end of the day, that is a lot of points in Starbucks’ system, so it’s hard to really offer many more ways to improve the card. If it didn’t count for your 5/24 then maybe I could see it being alright to apply.

What do you think about the increased sign up bonus on the Starbucks card? Let us know below

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