Chase Updates Its App to Show A Sign Up Bonus Tracker and Other Important Features

As much of a first world problem some of these things may sound, I think in todays world of credit cards, they are completely fixable and should be included in every app. There have been a few changes that I think many people have really clamored for, and finally, Chase is delivering on some of those changes through its app.

The Changes

There is a long list of updates to its app, which are listed below:

  • Sign Up Bonus tracker
  • The ability to reorganize your accounts
  • Ability to submit approvals for transfers and bill payments
  • Access personal Chase Home lending dashboard
  • Southwest members can see their reward balance

Final Thoughts 

I’m pretty excited about the sign up bonus tracker! I applied for a World of Hyatt credit card back in April, and for the last few months I had to track my progress the old fashioned way – through an excel spreadsheet. This was pretty frustrating, as back in April right after I applied, the core Chase cards were getting the sign up bonus tracker on their accounts whereas the co-branded cards were not. I can confirm it showed up for the World of Hyatt card in my account (I had already reached the end by then, but still). 

Additionally, being able to re-organize your accounts is a really much needed feature, especially if you use one that shows up at the bottom of your list of cards.

Which is your favorite new feature that’s been added? Let us know below!

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