Chase Will Begin to Instant Virtual Cards on Commercial Accounts

We recently wrote about Chase giving its personal cardholders the ability to add a newly approved card to their mobile wallet. This gives them the ability to use the card before actually receiving it in the mail. While this method isn’t the most ideal, and doesn’t give you the complete full credit card number for use online, it is something. It looks as though Chase is looking to expand the feature that we really wanted to its commercial customers first.

The News

Chase will begin implementing a new feature for commercial accounts starting in 2021. This new change will allow employees of commercial accounts to get a digital card instantly, before receiving their physical card. From there, they are able to add it into a mobile wallet or potentially use it online.

As of right now, this is only something that is considered for the commercial accounts, not the small business accounts.

Final Thoughts

Overall I think this is a pretty good change. With the company that I work for, waiting 2 weeks to get a gas card was pretty annoying. I had to keep track of every single gas purchase, the mileage, and take a picture of the cost, as well as get a receipt to get reimbursed for my mileage. Something like this would have been great, as I would have added the card to my mobile wallet and been able tap my phone at the contactless gas pumps.

With it launching next year, I hope that gives Chase enough time to work out any kinks with the program before it goes live. I would venture to say that if everything goes smoothly with the corporate accounts, they may be willing to add this feature in for just the regular small business accounts.

Is this a feature you’d like to see added in to small business accounts? Is this a feature you would use if you have a corporate account? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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