Chase wont book cruises past 2019

Have you been eyeing a cruise, and hoping to book it through Chase and the Ultimate Reward system? That is something that may not be possible after the 2019 year. 

Users have reported that when phoning in, the Ultimate Reward agents are unable to book any cruise in 2020. 

Last year, Chase stared the process of moving its Ultimate Reward booking system from Connexion to Expedia. During the move, your ability to book certain things was limited when using some cards, and not others. The inability to book cruises doesn’t seem like a new policy to me, but more so the migration of systems. It’s possible that the cruises section of Ultimate Rewards was still hooked up to the older Connexion system, and anything after 2020 will be using Expedia. We will update when it is possible to book cruises into 2020.

What is your experience in Connexion vs Expedia? Does one offer more value than the other one? Let us know below!

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