Citi Adds Aeromexico as Transfer Partner

In my opinion, the absolute best part about the credit card game is earning points to use for travel, spending money on things you would have spent money on anyway. The best value will almost always be in the form of transferring points to a transfer partner. It looks like those of you invested in the ThankYou point program have a new transfer partner to use your points with.

The New Transfer Partner

Aeromexico is Citi’s newest transfer partner. The points will be available to transfer at a 1:1 rate. 

Final Thoughts

More options is always welcome, especially when it comes in the form of transfer partners. That being said, some would argue that this isn’t too great of a transfer partner. Aeromexico arguably does have some pretty high fuel surcharges and award ticket pricing. On the plus side, we are looking at a 1:1 ratio for transferring the points over, so it can’t all be bad. 

As always, its up to you to calculate each and every possible option before you do decide to transfer points out and redeem anything. Make sure you’re getting your moneys worth in the transfer! 

Have you gotten a good deal by transferring to AeroMexico? Let us know the trip you took and how much value you got from your points down in the comment section below. 

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