Citi Adds Large Purchase Notifier In App

What’s the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you when you go to the store? How about having a huge line behind you and the cashier yelling out that you card has been declined? While it may happen from time to time for a number of reasons, it can certainly throw you off, especially if you’re in the credit game.

What do you mean my card is declined? I’ve got a huge limit on that card, and I just paid it in full; you may think to yourself, as you dig through your wallet to find another card for the cashier. What’s worse is if you don’t have another card, and have to call the number on the back. Talk about an awful experience!

The News

With Citi’s newest feature to their app, you may not have to worry about the above scenario anymore… as long as the reason is due to a large purchase. You can now let Citi know that you may be making a large purchase on your card. You can find this area on IOS by following this chain:

Services->Card & Bank Account Services-> Large Purchase Notices

Final Thoughts

I really like the idea of this. There’s nothing worse that having your card declined when you didn’t think there would be an issue. At least this way, you can anticipate avoiding a call from the fraud department, and all of those angry customers behind you in line. 

Do you have any experience with Citi’s or any other bank’s large purchase notifier? Have the charges still be declined? Let us know in the comment section below

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