Citi Canceling cards for those with Shutdown American Airlines Accounts

It’s been quite a long time now, but almost a year ago American Airlines started taking action against people that were abusing the credit card sign up bonuses. They were able to open up fake accounts under fake names, grab the sign up bonuses, and transfer the points to their main loyalty account. From there, they had full access to the miles and would be able to book flights. This also included people that were able to circumvent Citi’s sign up bonus time limits and were able to apply for the American Airline credit card early.

The odd thing here is that while American Airlines closed these loyalty accounts, the credit card account remained open. The only gotchya was that the credit card would not earn them any points on the account. Well, we have an update regarding this story.

The News

Citi is starting to close out the credit card accounts for the people that had their American Airlines account closed due to credit card reward abuse. Citi has sent out letters that state the account will be closed in 30 days.

Final Thoughts

This seems weird to me that something like this took so long. My guess would be that Citi wanted to be sure that these accounts being closed actively participated in abuse and needed to be closed.

If you are receiving this letter, and your card will be closed in 30 days, I would see if you can product change the card into something else. While typically speaking, you can’t product change away from cobranded families into other ones, Citi is pretty unique in this regard. It isn’t unheard of for them to do such a thing, so you’ve got nothing to lose by asking. See if any of their cards interest you! The Double Cash and Costco are both good choices.

Have you received this letter? Let us know if you have been able to product change this card into something else, and which card you got down in the comment section below!

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